HiBus API Reference  v1.0.2
The data bus for device side of HybridOS.

HiBus is the data bus for device side of HybridOS.


In HybridOS, an important design idea is always implemented: data-driven. Regardless of whether it is a single app scenario or multiple apps scenarios, hiBus will act as the link between HybridOS app and the underlying functional modules; and even in the future, it will become the link between different device nodes in the LAN.

Some ideas of hiBus come from OpenWRT's uBus, such as passing data in JSON format. But compared to uBus, hiBus has the following important improvements:

HiBus includes the following three components:

  1. HiBus server, an executable program which runs as a daemon in the system.
  1. HiBus cmdline, an executable program which provides an interactive command line program for test and debugging.
  1. HiBus library, an library which provides some APIs for clients to use hiBus easily.

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HiBus depends on the following libraries:

Current Status

Build HiBus for Standalone Use

To build hiBus for your own usage on a generic Linux box without the app management of HybridOS, use the following options for cmake:

$ cmake -DBUILD_APP_AUTH=OFF <directory_to_source_code>

If you use the -DBUILD_APP_AUTH=OFF option, hiBus will use a dummy app authentication method to avoid preparing your app authentication system.



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