HiDomLayout API Reference  v1.0.0
hiDOMLayout is a library to maintain a DOM tree, lay out and stylize the DOM nodes by using CSS (Cascaded Style Sheets).


hiDOMLayout is a library to maintain a DOM tree, lay out and stylize the DOM nodes by using CSS (Cascaded Style Sheets). It integrates LibCSS (MIT licensed), LibParserUtils (MIT licensed) and LibWapcaplet (MIT licensed) from open source community.


hiDOMLayout depends on the following libraries:


We recommend that you use a latest Linux distribution with long term support, for example, Ubuntu Linux LTS 18.04 or 20.04.

On Ubuntu Linux LTS 18.04 or 20.04, you should run apt install <package_name> to install the following packages:

hiDOMLayout uses cmake to configure and build the project.

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make
$ make install


HLDomElementNode* hilayout_element_node_create(const char* tag_name);
// set common attribute
int hilayout_element_node_set_id (HLDomElementNode* node, const char* id);
int hilayout_element_node_set_class (HLDomElementNode* node, const char* class_name);
int hilayout_element_node_set_style (HLDomElementNode* node, const char* style);
int hilayout_element_node_set_name (HLDomElementNode* node, const char* name);
int hilayout_element_node_set_common_attr (HLDomElementNode* node, HLCommonAttribute attr_id, const char* value);
int hilayout_element_node_append_as_last_child(HLDomElementNode* node, HLDomElementNode* parent);
HLCSS* hilayout_css_create();
int hilayout_css_append_data(HLCSS* css, const char* data, size_t len);
int hilayout_do_layout(HLMedia* media, HLCSS* css, HLDomElementNode *root);
void hilayout_element_node_destroy(HLDomElementNode *node);
int hilayout_css_destroy(HLCSS* css);

CSS property support


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