Main Repository

The main repository of HybridOS is It mainly contains documents, specifications, building scripts, and samples for HybridOS.

The source code of HybridOS is divided into three parts:

  • Device Side: The part running on devices which uses Linux kernel or other POSIX-compatible kernel.
  • Server Side: The part running on servers in cloud.
  • Client Side: The part running on an existing operating system, such as Windows, GNU/Linux, iOS, or Android.

Building Scripts

We maintain the building scripts of HybridOS in the following repository:

Component Repositories

We use some popular open source software as the common infrastructure of HybridOS. However, we have done a lot of adjustments and optimizations for some of the key software. We call the changed versions of the software as derivatives for HybridOS and maintain them through the following public repositories:

Release Package

Current Status